Onto Guidepost #1!
Can you guess what it is?!? Authenticity!
So I’ve really emphasized authenticity, but I have to admit it may be my favorite guidepost. And the fact that it’s the first tells us how foundational it is.

Brene defines authenticity as “the daily practice of letting go who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are”.

Is that a breathe of fresh air or what? Did it also scare you? Authenticity is hardest when we’re felling vulnerable because it’s so easy to fall into people pleasing or defensiveness in those moments. 

Brene goes on to state that choosing authenticity means:

  • Having the courage to be imperfect
  • Setting boundaries
  • Exercising compassion knowing we are made of both strength and struggle
  • Nurturing connection and belonging because we know that we are enough

Lofty ideals, yes?

I would like to share a story, if it doesn’t make this email too long! Last week at a Chamber of Commerce event I shared that I am adding birth options consulting to what I am offering at Prairie. I was at Open Coffee, which I attend regularly and I’ve gotten to know many of the other business owners that attend. For some reason, standing in front of them, I was terrified. I was terrified that I would be accused of being irresponsible for having a home birth myself. That I would be perceived as wanting to influence where women birth instead of simply supporting the decisions that women make for themselves. That I don’t have enough knowledge on the subject.
But I showed up as myself and I spoke my truth. My knees were shaking. But because I showed up authentically, I have no regrets. I got a lot of positive feedback, and who knows what everyone else was thinking to themselves. I know I was imperfect! But I was compassionate with my shaking knees. I made some great connections with those that were excited about my message. A new opportunity I wasn’t even expecting showed up as well! (More on that in the next couple of months!). the more I practice authenticity and courage, the easier it will become.

We can practice authenticity and courage in big and small ways everyday. I hope this email inspires you to embrace who you are.