Guidepost #3 is Cultivating a Resilient Spirit!
I’m finding as we go along that I need to break up each guidepost into more digestible pieces. We’ll spend at least 3 weeks on this one becasue there’s so much good stuff to cover!

According to Brene, resilient people share five common traits. They are:

  1. Resourcefulness and problem solving skills
  2. Seek and ask for help
  3. They believe they can take actions to manage their feelings and to cope
  4. Social support
  5. Connection to family and friends

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to practice any or all of these traits this week! For example, this morning I was feeling a lot of overwhelm for a couple of reasons- one being that we are still not back into our regular routines after Patrik’s ER visit and gallbladder removal almost 3 weeks ago. So practicing the 3rd trait, I took some time to breathe in and out. What a difference something so simple can make! What actions can you take to manage feelings and help you cope better?

I’ve also been feeling a great amount of gratitude for my connection to a home birth group that I am part of. I have never felt the type of community and belonging that I do with that group of women. What family and friends are you grateful for? Can you let them know what they mean to you?

Please let me know how it’s going! I love hearing from you 🙂
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