Guidepost #4 is Cultivation Gratitude and Joy which requires letting go of scarcity and fear of the dark. This week, to keep it digestible, I want to define gratitude and joy as Brene describes them.

Gratitude is a practice. It’s not an attitude, it’s regular action. Some great ways to practice gratitude are to keep a journal, meditate, pray, or just stop and say what you’re thankful out loud when you notice something you’re grateful for! In our family we each say three things we’re grateful for before eating dinner and it’s been a great way to stop, appreciate our lives, and to connect after the stress and bustle of the day.

Joy is also a practice which is cultivated with gratitude and spirituality. It’s different than happiness. Brene states that happiness is a result of our circumstances while joy is a result of our spiritual connection and gratitude practice. This was a light bulb moment for me! I recently went to the eye doctor and got a couple new pairs of glasses that I was overdue for. I am happy to get new and fun glasses! I love them! I cultivate joy by being grateful for my access to healthcare, being able to see well, and knowing that on a deep spiritual level my needs are always being met and I am safe.

Notice the difference? We want both in our lives!

Next week we’ll look at how fear and scarcity can get in the way of our gratitude and joy practices- sounds like a downer, but it will help us all be more aware and strengthen our gratitude and joy practices!