Onto Guidepost #5: Cultivating Intuition and Trusting Faith!

This week is about intuition, next week will be about faith. Brene talks about intuition not as devoid of logic and reason but as a process that takes all of our knowledge and experiences and uses that to make a decision in a flash! Sometimes our intuition tells us to seek more information because we currently don’t have enough information about whatever it is we need to make a decision about.

Brene states “Intuition is not a single way of knowing- it’s our ability to hold space for uncertainty and our willingness to trust the many ways we’ve developed knowledge and insight, including instinct, experience, faith, and reason.”

The need for certainty is our biggest barrier to listening to our intuition- Brene describes polling others about a decision as the proof that you aren’t listening to your intuition. That hit home! Before opening Prairie Chiropractic I had the opportunity to buy an existing practice in Davenport- a fairly successful one! It seemed like a great opportunity. I wanted to be working in a successful practice and here one was! However, I had always pictured myself in a small space, without staff, just working one on one with people. It’s not how all practices operate, but I couldn’t help dreaming about the simplicity and joy of it! This practice had multiple treatment rooms, front desk staff to help me, a patient base, and a good income coming in for the doctor. I polled everybody! It seemed perfect but it just didn’t sit right with me so I tried to get everyone else to talk me into it. While I would invest a lot of money up front to purchase it, it seemed safe and certain becasue it was established and profitable already. I was scared to open up a place on my own becasue I had no idea if it would work, if I would earn any money, or if I would have any patients!

Ultimately, and with much disappointment, I ended up walking away from purchasing the practice for reasons that had nothing to do with trusting my intuition. I am so grateful! I wouldn’t have been happy there and the overhead to maintain such a practice would have been really stressful. It was a real lesson for me- my head was telling me what I thought I should want while my gut was telling me what I actually wanted.

Check in with your gut this week and take some time in quiet to see if you can hear what your intuition is saying to you! (And if you don’t hear anything don’t worry about it, but keep listening!). Next week will be about the importance of faith!