This week we’re continuing to look at Guidepost #2- last week was about perfectionism. According to Brene, perfectionism is the birthplace of shame. She defines perfectionism as the idea that we are attempting to look, live, and be perfect in an attempt to avoid the painful feelings of shame, judgement, and blame.

Heavy stuff.

Almost all of us practice perfectionism to some degree. So what do we do about it?!?

Self-compassion and common humanity.

Self compassion simply means being kind and understanding towards ourselves (this is so hard for most of us!) and common humanity recognizes that we are all in this together and all just doing our best. The way I think about her ideas is that common humanity is showing others grace, self compassion is showing ourselves grace. Giving others grace is easier when we are able to give ourselves grace, and giving ourselves grace is easier when we are able to give others grace. What a lovely circle!

Test your level of self compassion here as well as explore further why it’s important and how to further cultivate it!