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Gentle Chiropractic

Dr. Freda is trained in gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques. Are you nervous about seeing a chiropractor? Have you had a bad experience in the past? Or do you just prefer a lighter touch?

Prairie Chiropractic might be the place for you. Check out what others have to say, then use the link at the bottom of the page to schedule your appointment. See for yourself what gentle and effective chiropractic care can do.


“I never thought I’d find a solution to my chronic neck problems. Finding Dr. Freda and her gentle adjustment is an answer to my prayers!”


“Neck Tension, Self Esteem, Right hip feels great! Sleep better too :)”

Happy to help!

“My TMJ is better!”

Live Better

“Overall comfort

Aches and pains are gone!”


“A gentle adjustment with super results! I’m so much better!”

Standing Tall

“No more back pain- I love it!

Move better

I’m taller!”

Want the benefits of chiropractic without the crunch?

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